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Alisdair L R I Hodgson is a Scottish writer, born in Caithness and raised between the grey streets of East Lothian and the grey fields of the Scottish Borders. He received a joint BA with Honours in English and Philosophy from the University of Stirling in 2017, where he will soon complete an MLitt in Creative Writing. In 2018, he is publishing pieces of poetry and prose with Stryvling Press and Bandit Fiction amongst others.

Alisdair L R I Hodgson

Surface Tension


I lie back and tease

the worries from my head.

Watch them float to the ceiling,

bounce in their bubbles

and drop like thought anchors

into me, exposed

on top of my covers.


I reach out and touch

the churning air in-between,

churning with silent strokes,

beating the distance from me to others:

best friends, family, lovers.


But, here, as ever,

I am alone

and at peace with that

for now.


Under water, air, silence and laughter

I live seen and unseen,

waiting, always, for one to reach down,

grab a rope and take up the tension,

pop the bubbles,

not blow another.






Sitting in the stall, scanning the wall and door,

feet five inches off the floor


There’s keyed lines and fissures

like the crack above the porcelain


And there’s the weekend’s match score

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