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Allie Kerper

crying is sexy



leak all over me baby i wanna feel

your sadness throbbing on mine press

your face to my body with wet

snot running down every crevice show me

blood filling flesh eyes red straining

to spill gasp erratic let me suck in

your screams wake the neighbors baby pound

all over my walls grab me in fistfuls salt

my skin with your aching don’t stop till i’m

soaked through ruin my sheets you’ll feel

so good baby so human

Weight Loss



I cut off half my body

weight and there’s space


in my jeans. I map it, brandish

copies at passersby. I joke


black holes and feel

whole, double portion


mattress. I sleep on bones

I thought I’d lost. I am


excavating myself, digging in

and digging this specimen,


so well preserved. I dust

myself off, settle


on velvet. I am on

full display.

Allie Kerper is pursuing a masters in creative writing at the University of Edinburgh. She helps edit 50GS, a digital literary magazine, and From Arthur’s Seat, an anthology of her classmates’ writing. Her work has appeared in The Inkwell and Red Weather. Twitter: @kerperplexed.

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