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Anastasios Karnazes


The guys’ AR15’s are out

so everyone takes pics of them.

You can’t die

can’t die while you’re on your phone

forgetting to breathe in sleep.

Blankets of ice, fevers like prayers

for a single letter.

I’m asleep going back on what I did.

All my faces rip from the internet

in the world. Look at the sky in the world

as I hold its other half hidden, my face

the rainbow cries from

drops of dancing light sans bliss

writ out of text.


Poetry all the time

so pink in industry

with me in pink sometimes

poetry itself or in space

the two of me and merge

all pink thing industry

itself sometimes in space

in dust the pink propels

me itself as dust of

having industry.



Knit white strings link

over thin web where

breeze veiled stems stay

meshed draft your plant

me your fibered thing

Anastasios is a student in the doctoral program in English at SUNY Albany with videos here and recent writing at jubilat, Recliner, BOMB, and The Iowa Review.

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