Andrew Taylor

From The 280s


Draft blows blind 

low light tricks energy bulb 

not psychedelic enough 

analogue reappraisal hiss loss 


space placement


little compression no discussion

splice tape redo coding 

an effort to capture

human timekeeping


five bar reality check

year-long darkness



Through these tunnels for the thousandth time or more sparks arc walls light for a second trace of 126 one over seven 105 departure point smudged in light rain gate to connecting platform open signal free red leaks through from stop point forecast amber warning third rail freeze


Hand deliver cards temporary recipients photograph quality passenger window lit from screen  instrument panel back light 'sugar hiccup while she reels' no matter what it communicates it says something upon repetition the comfort of familiar handwriting on food parcel packaging


It's like a bear garden the fade in ladies and gentlemen wait for Kate to call a throwback to 90s telephony use the church's natural reverb process supplementary sounds and processes master to tape grab the key en-route take supplies dig in ensure the wiring is in order it pays


Parade the bird a model will suffice close to the river for easy transportation wear a watch cap air the rooms after snowfall yellow folder contains manuscripts for arrangement between the feast days horses on the line slowing progress the fall was unexpected technological update 

Andrew Taylor’s latest pamphlet The 140s was published in January 2018 by Leafe Press. His second full collection of poetry was published by Shearsman Books in 2017.