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Andrew Taylor

La Poste radio voices dulled through metal and glass. Awaiting deliveries like the previous summer, hand-written annotations, in A5 regulation envelopes. Dust driven downwards. Green of canopy, whiteness of a laid-out sheet.  Newness of timber, footed in concrete, a new place.



Lucy needs plaid the autumn can’t come quick enough, it’s a fear here.  Final month of closedown, at least the ivy will be off the atelier. Eno and Harmonia yes! Forst studio, making it sound so simple. Snug oval of a sloped field. Early morning machinery, before the heat hits. 




Sunrise 6.15 a.m.

(They’re as living)

Home itself lacked change
this developing known place
beautiful walls completed
found piano moved exactly



Eye Weakness

Beaming back
to a void
Poplar peak
raging peace
of imposters

of vista
full bloom
no ordinary

Departure missed
by 264 hours



lookalike smiles
the first offering of the day

it’s 16.25 in Montparnasse
the travellator is broken

Orange priority tag shifts
waiting room makeover


light catches gold dances on
a pillar like Seahorses on Broadway


it’s 17.21 in Montparnasse
& TGV 8389 departs on time


this second city petite moineau
spires & towers

recognisable routes track curves
& date stamps



Vine Stalk Poem


       It seems an appropriate day

to take the saw to dead wood


         wind whips up through 

the valley from here there’s 


          the fall of turning leaves

against a band of grey


           stems gather loosely

in corners of doorways

Andrew Taylor’s recent publications are Lowdeine Chronicles (with Nick Power) (erbacce Press) and at first it felt like flying (with Charlie Baylis) (Indigo Dreams Pamphlets) which was a PBS Summer Selection 2019. He is the author of Adrian Henri: A Critical Reading (Greenwich Exchange, 2019.) He is currently working on his third collection, due for publication in 2021

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