Anjeli Caderamanpulle

Joanne in Paradise
Green Beauty
Green beauty 1.png

Connell’s Chain


the chain is hanging around your neck

dotted loops 

i want to go through the motions 

with you i want you to tell me 

if you think i’m weird 

i want to know

i can’t read your mind

love is prostration

the things i feel ambivalent towards 

seem to fuck me the hardest


it triggers a pattern of destruction

bile, lymphatic drainage

i ooze out onto the nearest surface

we’re dying and i’m twenty five

it’s tangible now

how i feel 

i revert to the simplest moment 

a time where we could touch 

the beginning was divine timing


tiny explosions unnamed urges and pangs 

uncontrollable reactions

compulsions - blaming anything

no decisions

absorb the things i want the most

finality is irreversible


i will lie under the concrete 

sunflowers at the Tate

will root 

wrap around my everything

tie knots so i don’t forget 

there’s no emptiness in wanting

there was more than matter once

connells chain.png

Anjeli Caderamanpulle is a poet living in Glasgow. She edits Meet Cute Zine and her first pamphlet, Boys, was published by SPAM Press in March 2020.