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Brooke Clark

Translations from Martial

Car Men (Epigrams II.20)


Car men appall us. Emit, reek at a sewer. Car men appall us.

Now I’m cold. I must possess your evocatory tomb.



Carmina Paulus emit, recitat sua carmina Paulus.

      Nam quod emas, possis iure vocare tuum.



To Eclectica (Epigrams II.81)


Lax your hex, a forest you sit, Eclectica. Lick a bit,

come to me and hike to a site, soil a sand pilaster.



Laxior hexaphoris tua sit lectica licebit:

      Cum tamen haec tua sit, Zoile, sandapila est.



The Consolations of Fortune (Epigrams XII.10)


Having a freak anus means millions to me, Captain.

Fortune, a multi-starred newness, satisfies—nearly.



Habet Africanus miliens, tamen captat.

Fortuna multis dat nimis, satis nulli.

Brooke Clark's poetry has appeared in journals in the US, UK and Canada, including Arion, Literary Imagination, The Tangerine, and The Rotary Dial. Twitter: @thatbrookeclark

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