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Cat Woodward

i have two trashed picnics

two trashed picnics


no summer but a family summer


so make like a banana

and have two trashed picnics


my carpets are wet, wet with tears

like two trashed picnics


there’s a hole in my soul

where i keep the two trashed picnics,


bank receipts

peanut wrappers


and two trashed picnics







and like the leviathan

consume the air


curse superstition



as the holly


no contest that other verse


you haven’t met

a reader like me





you there, you are a druid

of terrible portent


i ought to be sick

i ought to be oysters

and lamb fat


poor pebble


i hear humble thunder

killing snow

and more hot white claptrap







these green trousers

i’m in


no goblin turned heroine


Greta agrees

garish as a peony


for yielding redeeming


jump into the mountain

ass backwards and grin






kindling a peach-pink

birthday rhododendron

as it should



in the amber milk of evening

in the circle under an oak

and thus


a hex on thee

a return to dust


for real though

you don’t have to be good

just don’t be bad,”


i lie, and bail like a helium balloon




green green green

goes the ritual beast of Spring


feed the mare

her wormwood and grist


the cat is in

the pretty black stream


go home


you’re depressed





sure, i want to be relieved of myself

and held firmly by the armpits.

here i am in Nelson, NZ

liberally applying my affection.

i swear i’ll punch right out this comfy cabin.

the trouble is, friends

each day is not a gem!

not with all this sulky creeping

not until (clap clap)

the garden is growing ladies





if unseen

i sweeten



do you decrease?


if i’m




will there be apology?


guile and grief

death is on

the cherry-tree


forgive without end

Cat Woodward is a feminist lyric poet. Her first collection Sphinx (Salò Press) was published in November 2017. She is currently finishing her PhD thesis (UEA) in lyric and robot voice. She lives in Nelson, New Zealand. Her poems have appeared in Tears in the FenceLighthouseThe LiterateurInk, Sweat & TearsVisual Verse and others. (

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