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Dylan Williams

yet poem’s snake guttural
            Pound of broken acorn pounding
            flesh between the gaps the
            seeds the choking clock rhizomatic
            nouns so chock full expounding
            ex-con explorer body of truncated
            limbs, this. put the hiss back in
            history or soon you’ll regret it.
                                    SMALLISH FUTURES
                                    ENERGY SLICK, SLICKEN ME
                                    APPLY WITHIN
WHERE CIRCLES circle like a coin on boozy benders
WHERE CIRCLES boozy like circley benders
WHERE CIRCLES rotate and betray their lovely edge
                                                                      on moony guises

well-crafted centrefold
                                    a sort of loveliness
            barging bla bla labials back to their proper
            dimensions for a change there to develop for
            beginners always beginning plosions on the under the within.
            eyes raised hands expecting the brain shadowing,
            feet elected me to their safest
                                    route yet

                        all the pretty dancers in lemon agony tying tongues

                        r          u          i           n          a          t           i           o          n

                                                            speaks for itself








there’s always been this sparrow in my thigh
                                                            singer of quadrivium dreamscapes
                                                her overbite so cataclysmic

                                                 COYLY IF


                                                                                    in spores

                                                                                                            of refusal


                        new language will love you, then


Dylan Williams is a poet and writer based between Seville, South Wales and London. He recently completed an MA in Contemporary Literature and Culture at Birkbeck, University of London, with a dissertation on the poetry of Maggie O'Sullivan. He is currently interested in modes of refusal in contemporary poetry and political aesthetics. He has written for 3am Magazine, Brief Encounters, The High Window, Guttural and Greyscale. 

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