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Eloise Hendy

play fair

at four am i glow neon
hot pink cat on hot steel capped
bed swathed in synthetics &
panting my hot pink tongue
against the tinny roof of my mouth

ha!       my body is livid


i am screaming adverts
at nothing i am scrawling love
into the arms of the sky
come buy come buy come
i woke up wanting

to kiss


ha!       i am a motel in the back

end of beyond seedy & blowing

time away in clumps

at five am i glow like a lolly
i pop like a lolly like corn like chewing

gum     i am burst
a bubble on a syrup chin
a fairground ride spinning
sticky fingers i am a prize


ha!       i am soap suds &

you tell me
i smell like church


pretty crude



oil me up baby fill me

with greasy hands & raw

power streaming unguent

racing through my pistons

like a shot


go go baby drill

into my ready turf

like an easy metaphor

dripping all over

the barrels of your thumbs


run me down quick

at the crossroads pump

baby lubricate

motion sickness slick

with sticky currency


a pound of dirt

for this bag of flesh

baby sink into my piping

hot & viscous & tarred

like a victim


deepwater horizon



slick on the sofa

grubbed up on hydrocarbons

grease & crude       remnants

of the day        cast off

like a lizard limb


washed up        loose

on the carpet gripped

by ethanol smiles & reeking

of petroleum          sealed

abundance & discord–

  ance shaking terrible


detriment     corruption

purged to a peak

& full embargo

smoking peat fire up up

long drag

time for cutting


stacked on the wetland

coasting            on polymer styrene

& extracting     out to vapour sweat

like a shop

shut      up on the table

soaring & ingesting       dirty

straight run gasoline     split

racketeer this    combustion

particles   streaming     

liquid on the bedframe

burnt up to a glib         sob


& sheen on the sheets

Eloise Hendy is a postgraduate student in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. She also works for independent publisher Vagabond Voices, and is the creative director of 50GS, a digital literary journal. @EloiseHendy

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