Cloud-ghost of Nimble Mist



There are really three rings, hard planets, gas giants, thousands of other world

kyper-belt objects, the dwarf planet Pluto and its five moony moans. In the foreground,

a gravitational slingshot targets the oblong metal asteroid hurling towards the sun.

It is just after sunset and the twilight sky is clear. Only the brightest stars are visible

against its indigo glow. You are aware of the trees full of birds. Though you don't see

them, you lie beneath a quiet, languid, near-hypnogogic sumptuous fabric of sound.

The wrens provide the brocade, the flickers the pre-Renaissance anticipation, pert

cardinals pique spires on painted castle panoplies portrayed in simple one-dimensional

perspective in arched Musée de Cluny vaults, shadows, and dossiers thématiques.


The air's celestial alt-weave of songs of birds. Most chirp shorter calls; others

arouse mellifluous exhortations. Some in a blaze of clarity, utter incredibly

agile liquid mercury peals. Music scintillates peacock-brushes cooling dusk.


Plants are full of sensual possibilities.
Bean plants / frijoles are happier if two
enmesh a bamboo pole in lubricious glee.


A single brussel sprout is doubtlessly more deeply in thought than any of us

have ever imagined. Its raves, hip fava coffee shops, sprouts, absinthe alcoves

conjure reveries of Verlaine, Tulane blossoms, and a two-toed Toulouse Lautrec.


Built in 1574, it was originally a promenaded public garden, Sevilla's

Alameda de Hércules, named after the eight rows of white poplars

(álamos in Spanish), publically peel an Ancón-inundated central garden.


The gala Gulf of Roses. Roosters arise. Across the frozen-

solid Bering Straits and then down the coast of western

America's writhing kelp forests growths and river inlets.


Denisonian, a tiny fragment of the finger bone of a child,

a monocled cobra shell, a precious cargo of friable nature.

A rosa arosa and the metaphorical similarity to comet.

The inexplicable crossing paths of causes and conditions. Your framed by

a two-tier Roman aqueduct, a hundred-year lace against time's azure flame.

You end up here, at the precise point where you were always bound to be

Loss Pequeño Glazier


In Almadravasol, cos'è il formato brossura.

"Young Gonzalo Rubalcaba meeting Dizzy Gillespie"

genius carries over from previous lives

Then you learn, after this time, that it never

held together. The commercial writers apart,

the community never really was coherent.

E-poetry lack of direction unto

symmetric gardens proper com-

munity of misaligned code.


The famous authors in Spain.

In Madrid, you can walk around

the "barrio de las letras" and visit


Loopy Lope de Vega's house and the vegan church

where Cervantes was buried; an improvisation

Within and beyond the walls of National Library!


We might have gone -- but our apartment was really just one apartment with

a flimsy "wall" in the center. Audible were people on the other side not making

love but speaking with after-tones as dejectedly as Chocolatito's 48th fight.


And there is Segovia, Toledo -- I just asked, "What train is next?" Out from the city,

olive groves, monumental architecture, a castle in the distance, arches upon

arches beyond belief now tremble, cities and vistas as poems in themselves.


Mimosa Poetica (Latin: pudica "shy, bashful or shrinking", sensitive

plant, sleepy plant, Dormilones, touch-me-not, or shy plant).

Pinnately lobed leaves that coo, curl into words when touched.


What do you mean being a poet has no value? "It's

not the same as an electrical engineer who can be useful.

Electrical engineers work on a range of components, devices,

and systems, from microchips to power station generators.


A poet is colorless, sonorous, invisible to touch.



In the Alhambra

the issue suddenly becomes,

who or what is the ghazal in the cloud.


It's the ghost in the machine

the ghouls in your soles

the gasps, "fuegos fatuos", gremlins


which bear no real translation

except for the lights you see

spectral in indigo Arab Quarter dusky


glow, a faint, strum surge, tender as the

luminescence of skin touched at the fold.

You wait uncertain of how long in the dark.


It is jelly fish crowns

floating like yellow umbrellas

drifting lighter than air


no one cares about what your Nezahualcoyotl

profle. These are some of these longest couplings,

agglutinous couplets of the written language.


As in the fada and the Importance of the accent mark

in Irish Gaelic. Diacritic marks aren’t just there for deco-

ration. They supply a lot of information about the word.

Image: Netzahualcoyotl - Names Encyclopedia

"Fada", not "intifada" ("tremor", "shivering", "shuddering")

nor "nafada" meaning literally "to shake", "shake off", "get rid of",

"as one might shrug off water, one might shake off sleep,


or dirt from one's sandals". Though often translated as "uprising",

"resistance", or "rebellion", It is a lynchpin concept in contemporary

Arabic usage referring to a legitimate uprising against oppression.


Simple as when the wind stalls as the centre of tropical storm

passes over, Cocteau, Godot, or J.-J. Rousseau; there is a vacuum

in the wind-sound filled only by a strange howl of coyote.



Invoking the prefix "hashtag" as a way to frame

an empty phrase, a border that shows in the know,


my favorite being the weatherman's, "#MostlyFair".

Like, if you searched "Mostly-Fair" would you find

a list of U.S. cities with good weather than day?


A conversation on dating Norwegians? Or a list of judicial

decisions in a middle income suburb somewhere?


For example, there were many "first peoples",

not just one. Human evolution is about diversity.


Our roots are more tangled than imagination allows.

Like arctic amplification in the Svalbard islands.


Dancer lake margins water-song water willow-shed.

Its form and poise, pose specific arc to the spine


Trickle between moss-stone improvised movement --

communicating thoughts we cannot express through words.


Wetland margins, herbaceous sighs, terrestrial spring,

the Florida Department of Health sending out a Monday


tweet urging residents to be on the lookout for snakes and alligators that

Irma may have "displaced." In Havana, men with cigars play dominoes ankle


deep in the flooded street while women dance exuberantly wet waist high

cooling off in impromptu somewhat improper Yoruba celebratory wet T-shirt


frenzied outbursts. Formative thoughts drift assuredly, without deviation, stately,

glow lobed or grow unrobed (of ears or leaves) but not fleshly separated into


leaflets: the petals or the sepals fused into a cup or tube.

All human history intertwined with interbreeding.


Hybridization a powerful evolutionary force. Monte Tubqal, tur-

quoise, Jebel Toubkal, Búfalo, Buffalo, bon écho, effet de lumière.

Loss Pequeño Glazier is a poet, Professor of Media Study, and Director, Electronic Poetry Center, State University of New York at Buffalo. His is author of _Digital Poetics: the Making of E-Poetries_ (Alabama UP), the first book ever published on digital poetics. Glazier's Web page can be found at