Greg Thomas, Matthew Hamblin and Lila Matsumoto

Shiny Beast Poems

On the dog/ last three beefheart albums


A bag of dogs, the whole field humming, angry green vortex

What does your body mean diving in a ditch

crows melting around

dust, machines

The curious necessary shiny beast

What does its body mean eating hawthorn, what does your body mean as a function of information

What does it mean as a bowl of ash

or if the horizon converged an inch closer

What does it mean for my body to be surrounded by your hair

eyes the colour of mud

I have seen you being made

What would it mean if there was such a thing as that

A place where colours meet

in the long shiny unnecessary field

fat and humming, close to July.


Greg Thomas


In the lane where they dance 


four hoof bobbing red tin clung

big cloth werewolf is a lamp-lit sack

moon bell bull

                   bell-nosed star


thumbing the purse

scrunching the sash






every thin moon zoot horn rollo

stone throw arcing cast in lemon

ask the shiny beast

popped beak

          popped beak

few sparks   spark through

Matthew Hamblin

sonnet for a third



A drum high up on a telephone pole

gets hit by a wind

back and forth -- 


Let the merry bugs in the bush

call night closer

I promise to hear them even forty years on


Whaleskin on the beach ruched to sand

An organ peering out from the gaping hole

studded with flies


A human has skin

But an animal has hide


I wish it to be --

It is becoming --

And now from its hands it gives out a sound

Lila Matsumoto

Greg Thomas, Matthew Hamblin and Lila Matsumoto form the band Food People. You can come see us play at the Peter Manson symposium in October, in Glasgow: Matthew and Lila co-run the poetry and art zine FRONT HORSE ( Greg is preparing a book on concrete poetry.