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Lenni Sanders

My husband the garlic eater


World Leaders Are Starting To Eat Garbage.
My husband can eat just about anything it seems
and straight up garlic is no exception. If you are brave
like him you can chew a whole clove and swallow,
followed by some milk. Your Body is a … Garbage Bucket?
There are over 20 reasons to take Raw Garlic every day.
My husband's pants ride down and show his butt crack
… often. Really any advice welcome. We Should All
Be Done With This Modern Culture Bullshit.
Combine garlic juice with a good aerobic exercise
and you will feel the Garlic High - Amazing!
No one wants to eat pets, we all agree.
If You Want To Be Healthier, Eat Your Trash. 

Asses of Kings, Butts of Peasants


My butt! Just a place for kicks. My legs
are two 16 year old dreamers running away
from the Midwest (which is my butt).

Your ass! A roosting owl. Your ass!
As certain as a swimming pool is blue.


My butt! A coke addict I met in his mid 40s
said it was ok and not flabby.


A sunflower is like your ass. Petals,
the good stuff.


Honey, when we finally high five
your butt to my ass it will be like
the presidents of two countries
shaking hands and your ass
is a rich country.


When we use our butts as hands,
then what? 

Lenni Sanders is a writer and performer living in Manchester whose work has appeared in The Tangerine and Butcher's Dog and is forthcoming in Eyewear's The Best New British and Irish Poets 2018

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