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Matthew Kinlin

Orgasm at the Fireworks Factory


Ignition charge leads to… delay charge leads to… star.

The number 13 in silver white flames

and then 26.981539 u ± 8 × 10^-7 u.

They call it a boy’s haircut.


Chinese alchemists seeking immortality

on 15th day of 8th month.

Hematite found on Mars: 2.6°n, 21.5°w;

east of Valles Marineris canyon, Capri Chasma.


Blue peony with silver coconut pistil.

Ellagic acid and crystals of calcium oxalate,

p. anomala, p. lactiflora, p. veitchii.

Tetradynamous:      a      set      of      six      stamens.


The delicate hand of St Catherine of Alexandria

refusing marriage proposal from pagan emperor.

Her corpse on Mount Sinai, still sprouting hair,

werewolf bride of Jesus Christ.


He saw the face of his wife, and all his mistresses.

A common disconnect is when a person nods while saying, “No”.

In his lifetime a man will produce 14 gallons of semen,

enough to fill the petrol tank of a 1993 Plymouth Duster.


He did not see the cigarette end still lit at his feet,

just the faces flooding in of his solemn children,

father and mother’s pursed lips.

“You could have been a pilot,” she mumbled, and then died.


On the right bank of the Irwell, bounded by a sharp curve of the river

lies Salford, and further westward Pendleton.

He is poor, life offers him no charm;

why should he restrain his desires?


Decreased activity in lateral orbitofrontal cortex.

Heart rate at 116 beats per minute. Oxygen consumption = 3.5 METS.

He ejaculates at 28mph (the factory catches fire).

A bullet travels from a gun at 1,700mph (twice the speed of sound).


C = BB + GG + RR.

Red: strontium (intense red), lithium (medium red).

Violet: potassium, rubidium (violet-red).

Cock head erupts. MACHINE GUN. Fuchsiafuchsiafuchsia.


He remembers the teacher folding a crane from paper,

her mouth opening, a secret:

“Anyone that folds 1000 origami cranes in one year

will be granted a wish by the gods.”

Matthew Kinlin lives in Burnley. He recently set up Cruel Books and released the zine SEWER HOUR, a collection of flash fiction about the sick, surreal and stupid. He is currently working on a collection of poetry and a piece of fiction. He is interested in walking through walls and time travel. Follow him on Twitter: @garbagemagician.

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