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Michael Black



which sounds for you my Francophile postures hardly

mistaken odes inviting poetry’s frankest

Eliot and Stein dans this reading

Hanging gorgeous in statuary poets out disarrayed,


Request words with you; not nuit, nor nacht, nor nought nicht.

En daar in licht En daar aan licht

late uprootings vocal round

as dances figuring


Evidence no Primary tongues.

Douce duress verbs, anderes nouns

Issue autre syntax as ethics forcing


Europe’s new attempts at dream work as

Astonishing minds exchange alternative sensitive

for which I am in expectation not of mortgage rituals but

Julia Kristeva, wearing roller skates, chanting poetic revolutions,


And when I ordered my birth certificate online it arrived as poetry.

England mentioned twice merely and Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs sold the proof of my origins back to me for £30 only and then 30 more ensures a document is certified to be a true copy of an entry in the Certified copy of a register of Births’. Sic Sic Quotations referenced. Tick. It is true is not my identity thank you knowledge was exchanged


Origins prosaic form freshly cajoled this paper year joins narrative dots.  Documentation spare -Father, Art Dealer, Mother, no occupation historical box elided, an error serious. Twenty second February 1991, I remembers yesterday, A Rose Maternity Hospital is a Rose Maternity Hospital is a rose is a rose is a maternity Rose hospital otherwise known as 86744889/I, QBDAA, Entry 32, is not love much money


A mouth full of not I registered till March 6th, more than a week no identity boldly crisis is multiple. Yes, constraint is lacking this time poetry. Later names turn numbers to to m muk muddle. Reluctance remembering conjuncts bliss; All names adjunct generosity; more than those citizens knocked into quiet.

Michael Black tries ineffectively and often incoherently to claim that he is from Glasgow, Cambridge, and the Netherlands. He is completing a PhD at the University on Glasgow on Virginia Woolf and William Blake, a project for which writing poems or making prints provides a fitting supplement/distraction. 

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