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Nat Raha

Chantel’s Room
after Je, Tu, Il, Elle


                             chromes & sugar / not
                             metaphors us. pro
                             saic slow tones, isolate
                             ,, corress
                                          pond spines inert expo
                                                                 sure , wall
                                          -s as bare as we might be, turquoise
                                          a remembrance / tints recoded ,

                                                                 by her navel dines &
                                                                 curves further our queer hips, does not
                                                                 let inaction take our flesh away
                                                                 singular-us.   fuzz, you water
                                                                        slows thought’s vault & pace

                                                 arms in the room we witness
                                                 , the work of this (again)
                                                 small tunes we feed to each


                                                                 negations of hitch, the inert
                                                                 clearing momentary
                                                                 as despair as activity the
                                moving skin tau[gh]t
                                            to pailing rib-
                                                                 decage, the daily fabric felled between
                                                                 petrol-separations & the thought that sung the
                                        poem of friends
                                                                 & the men they have blown for wages,  we
                                                                 are against the criminal in itself––

                                                                 of all alcohol & the wind break cinematics

               motorways , european stairwells,

                                   tuned décor, demo-seismics
                              of wanting on friends / fucking
                                   playful , write again to how we des-
                                                                     ire such fleshes shift spacing
                                                                     remembered, bodies our / throws
                                                                     daylight on woodwork smile dropping off


Nat Raha is a poet and trans / queer activist, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her poetry includes two collections countersonnets (Contraband Books, 2013) and Octet  (Veer Books, 2010); and numerous pamphlets including ‘de/compositions’  (Enjoy Your Homes Press, 2017), '£/€xtinctions' (sociopathetic distro,  2017), '[of sirens / body & faultlines]' (Veer Books, 2015) and 'mute exterior intimate' (Oystercatcher Press, 2013). She's performed and published her work internationally. Nat co-edited the Radical Transfeminism zine, and is currently finishing PhD in on queer Marxism and contemporary poetry at the University of Sussex. 

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