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Nell Osborne



A man opposite me on the bus

touched himself as he

gave me the pinking

eye-up w/ intent to —

our knees almost kissing


The policeman will wink as he

asks me to be more soporific as to

denature of the event

Life divides into those who have been 

under such propositionals

and those who have not


I felt nothing, as I told all the friends who 

kindly enquired. thank you but no 

nothing? nothing. not

violated? nothing

left, I said.

Constitutionally, you see, I am diamond


It’s too late to learn to love god

I am fully divested of my shares in

supernal self-preservation

I will know time has passed

b/c my teeth have yellow

I do not want to be eternal

accountant I do not want to be



Little girls should develop

a robust neo-diva mentality

become radiant with glibbery

meaning: smooth. shining. slippery.

Cod-filled rivers of laughing  fucking

that pulse pulse


that creep creep creep

there is no membrane too 

membraneous! As they say

muscles tighten into the mirror

I’m making a joke. say

don’t. look away. don’t.

Nell Osborne is based in Manchester. She's completing a research PhD in experimental writing by women and intimacy. She recently participated in I’d do this all day if I could, a series of performances focused on the act of reading held in PEER’s Participation Space, and has a collaborative Chapette book forthcoming with Make Mud Press. 

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