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dreamsong lyric



echo glimmer: the oud’s cavernous song

& under there, an aerial mirror—

your limbs like water / our senses

frighteningly alive like flowers on stems


the vowels graze our tongues before dissolving

in/to forests of leaf-scent

follow half-tastes into colour(-burning)

what rustling silence is it

sadness that moves in our dances

that sits like a stone (that we dance on)

in a night of nebula and guts[1]?


(he) moves through the night as blue as lapis

a boy almost at sea

the night moves around him and rearranges itself

humming sadness; (his) irises hoard waves


moving panther (…)

crying out a doleful rhythm

eyes of fragrant topaz

still gleaming its soft fur coat in the night


(his) name cuts like moth/wings through the night

dark placelessness (…) fluent black words

we cultivate names like moth/wings

secret names, names that contain the entirety of

a self (a soul)

me miré en tus ojos pensando en tu alma[2]



1. water catches fire when it tries to escape the beg(innings)

2. water breaks open with too many secrets

3. we are here where it all began

where is the emptying done?



[1] Adonis

[2] Lorca: ‘I looked in your eyes thinking of your soul’

Pratyusha is an Indo-Swiss student currently at King’s College London. She is one of the editors for the online eco/world poetry zine, amberflora. Her new pamphlet (published by Zarf Poetry) will be released later this year. @pratyusha___

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