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R Keith

cluster of thereafters



steady wink the malign pocket   

covered with posture     

punctured gestures gain saying persist

galumphing and gyrating impressions     

worth quoting in full      

assailing wince

flash across          

slipping off images            

often grapple to fluency

haunting dull     

collective through gags    

 wobbling knuckles become disrupted

swallow oasis     

preventing the break       

dawdles with scant regard

along to fragments voxless            

like a frame put over        

cupric habits

mechanism of slipstream crescendo         

function in the rid            

trick the equation

chafing, shuttling              

flooding fluent melody

of antique exaggeration




both  substance and form are striking continuities between

following different tracks

they have practically no forms at all

dip-quenched and allowed to drain

as an example of perfect instruct

in the same rhythm

the colour of concrete

it provides a slight tooth

immense guiding

legs are tangled together as if they were tangled in wire

cannot be achieved in another way

make shift structures

despite everything that is shown

leaves of succession

surrounding to vaporize

living nameless forms and projections

emerge through subsequent layers

hope screeched

trapped between frames

reduce the thickness of what is

steered by

caustic pictures

will show this to be untrue

theatrical speculation

is work for the mouth

running parallel

travel at the same speed

let image remain faint

appear to diminish

serving as a conduit for

every smear of paint communicate something entangled


has no where else to go

a grip on unresponsive culture

the understanding of the nature of simpler steels

a planned luminosity

move off the scale of personality

as distinctly separate process

to breach common sense

patterns distract us from the idea of body

which will provide an appropriate skin

has proven a stubborn ox

implies something to resist

some are tempted to believe that anything which has the slightest flavour of deliberation and foresight tends to inhibit the spontaneity of the creative process

its moment(um) goes fuzzy

mingling here, taking in

once again we meet a misleading term

the phrase “just looking” is a point of departure


built on the very simple but mistaken idea that the observer and the object are two different things

is not for filling gaps

eyes roll up, all fall asleep

a sound connection, current flow

surrounded by reflections of itself

the whole assembly seems to tremble and collapse

scattered offering

moments of blindness are necessary in order to view at all

the fierce argument between circuits

senses muddled brighter

firmly caught less distance

shifting maps and almost no language


coauthor deserts

still in the sheath

sidereal mouth feebly growing facing towards

interact with cuts

in the landscape of morals

reliably undervalue the future

inside its own absence

puzzling to have

grabbing at hemisphere

irascible usual

reliably devalue the future

pelting audible

broken down phrases persist to

pinching contours illustrating tough

alibi for

struggle to recognize

gather squall

compel tasks

move the fovea around typical

joining the dots

repelled bittersweet

what is worse, we have to be unanimous

lineup with the boundaries of fine scales

pulling their ropes in one direction

the shivered milk assumptions give

after a few seconds of gnashing

so that tinkering with it is

ramps up through the bottle neck


out to graze

cluster, shudder

done by daylight

tweak chunks

drawn into thaumatrope

mouldy for the want of

in a steep accent

what is called the ecliptic

a trick of

dorsal streams

part of a lower plot

braces sharper offering of

replaced by one of the otherwise wasted morning hours of light

sequences of grainy film

the leisure of mistranslating inside

limps away

formation. In formation

envoi surely is a byword



dignity and solidarity made by the book so great that the book can have no sincere purpose except that of hurting, titillating or causing mischief

disintegrated soon after launching

we quickly grow used to the way things are

common place thinking dictates vision in spite

the nature of instinct and imitation

indulgence of long-dreamt struggles is effort some

face-to-face from time to time

these are the taken-for-granted features of recidivism

would depend on the whim assisting

lay down in advance

temporarily, and arranging for

dispersed trigger

could not have been written

would like to see it bogged down

setting up of a narrow self

in order to persuade the booming of mawkish laments

because of its highly punctured drama

in aggregate terms

to alter a balance

bringing-together of

impulse is to separate reflection

another domain characterized by collective mood

a barely sublimated punitiveness

undermine speech

there has to be some phase of

the gap is unavoidable

clumps of flesh ascribe a separate sympathy

deemed to have myths merely restated

when linked to the problem of the disposed

speech can be a feeble animal

wrestle with the questions of the emphases and pauses tune in

disproportionately concentrates

aspirations to wholly spurious

the light of disturbance

how much is adequate?

themes flourished under

the now hard to dislodge

for the sake of nevertheless

in certain moments

exposing turbulence

choose the breadth of limited pleasures

from one discursive register to another

to persuade into embarrassment

direct link of bonding gestures

proper allocation of blame

all at a standstill

extended into memories

nowadays the word “serendipity” refers to

A vicious circle pushed in the sea

spelled out how unbalanced




the forgoing discussion is

another effort to give an objective summary of warming over

most curiosity enveloped in silence

unlock the door

proposal of retention

a prototype for urban life

not the apparatus of tenderness

kinetic and tactile relationship that nature has to consider

is sometimes a casualty of potential

drooped along

to a stable image of self-contempt

often deliberately placing objects in the foreground

as a fair sample

noise compared to permafrost

The rhetoric is deployed upon broken friendships

the unfocused image informs

cluster of thereafters

threat of halcyon

loom over inimical

in the working form of still-life

gives a pause of the most ardent

cold snap. Applause.

a faceless presence working through the social

exploiting colour

to offer assurances, wedges

sweeping unfinished work

a depersonalization in

prudent, but effective

vaguely anxious initiatives

for the writer to unveil

ribbons on

irrevocably walled

just as well as the tonalities of leaves kept in a state of flux

R. Keith is a persona that works with visuals, texts, poetics, fiction, and exophonic writing. He is the author of four collections of poetry, and five chapbooks. His collection of Visual poetry Chicken Scratch was published in 2017 (eyeameye books) Forthcoming is his 1st novella in 2018.

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