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Rob Kiely



And foremost premise (d) the tripling sores deliver (c) trifling

promise of a boat w/ the dock pacing the hills (b) termination and the mountains

                                cresting skylines

                                brought to the foundation of (a) presidential premise that each hoop jumped

is a haptic antiseptic

jammed into a septum petty (b) assertion insects bite my sleep and so

                                (c) derivation is that the bourgeoisie have only two senses, entitlement and propriety but it

transfers back to the premise hidden behind the trifling promise over the first line break like a heat transfer or a

money transfer or a room transfer or an energy transfer, or (a) presumed transfer of funds or an electron transfer

and that is a problem like a problem-child or a health problem, or a problem-case or a drug problem or a drink

problem or the transition problem or this next tiny premise                   

                                                   (b) a grime comet as the approximate prospects

of improvement which are impersonated

by a full body cleanse for the chakras

of an elongated legless pug, i.e. trout

                                                        and then

                                                        an ovary


                                                        a sperm

containing us as (d) executive premise with the rhetoric of responsibility or a case of the pot calling the

departing kettle back to apologise with an (e) paltry premise, such as oh you know in time models became

sclerotic unto utter uselessness so (b) suppository you return to the womb and find you’re over-qualified in regal contortionist dross/ tinned swag/ scar tissue

                         have been destroyed and reassembled, destroyed and reassembled, destroyed and reassembled

                              on repeat

Rob Kiely is a writer living in London. His chapbooks include How to Read (Crater, 2017) and Killing the Cop in Your Head (Sad, 2017). He has also written ‘The Elephant in the Womb’ (published in Sure Hope), and ‘A Saddening Bore.’ His critical work can be found herehere, and here.

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