Shark Flotsam

Funny Man




My opalescent love, my funny man,


Like your favourite gag


I'd hang around on your lips


I'd mock the other jokes


With my cork-popping laugh


My ha ha hee hee. Mmm




My blue-veined love, my funny man,


Like a stick in your hand


I'll drum to your time


Stretching my skin taut


Over your machined frame


My oh oh fiddle dee dee. Mmm




My mechanical love, my funny man,


Like the hours you fill


I'll be the fullest minute


I'll ouroboros in your mind


Synchronised swimming


My sir sir me me. Mmm




My ink fingered love, my funny man,


Like the biro on your page


I'll press myself to your vellum


Your thin surface resisting me


Rounded and tight


My oo oo ee ee. Mmm




My monochromed love, my funny man,


Like your black-rimmed specs


I'll remember your face


I'll help you watch the world


Purely define


My ah ah see see. Mmm.

Dirty Snow



Coated in a colour that's not quite black

Turning to water that noone should drink

But you aren't washed away yet

Why don't you leave?

You just threaten there still

An ugly sculpture



Just a few days, a few years before

You were perfect and my Everything

You clung to every aspect                                                                                                      

"purest love" "soul mate"

The truest of colours, the cleanest of whites

A nun altered blanket



I wish, more than anything, you'd go.

You're a bad smell in my corridor

The oxygen you gifted, spoiled

The light you shed, a pinhole camera

Today, you are foul matter with a frozen heart

But tomorrow, you will melt.


Please. Melt.