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Steve Hanson


A splob coupled with a full stop

Ejection is injection, mort 


little about the shaking twitching dear heart 

Sick-unf sick-unf sick-unf

cardithunk cardiathunk 

fibriflutt flutt flutt flutt

‘Skull fly to feathers’ said Jeff 

attack describes best how it looks

Rubber bag filled with blood

no, skull gone leaving a peach

stiffened up with some bone

Sock, ceiling, sweat, belly pullup

The end of futures futures

How many noughts in a gazzilion?

I know nothing,


Then there will be no nothings left in the world

There will be no nothings ess 

Know nothing zuzz zuzz zuzz 


I don’t talk to anyone about anything

and I don’t talk to anyone 

about not talking to anyone about anything

I don’t talk to no-one about nothing 

Steve Hanson is a writer who works in universities. His first book, Small Towns Austere Times (Zero 2014) explores austerity. His second, The Acts (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018) is a collaborative experiment in live writing with poet Richard Barrett. His third will be A Shaken Bible with Beyond Criticism and Boiler House, a collage work of scripture offered as a raging text against the new times. 

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