issue seven of adjacent pineapple. 

this issue will be edited from Glasgow by Colin Herd and Dubai by Anushree Prashant.

submissions accepted on a rolling basis. deadline for inclusion in issue 7 is 30th September.

we are interested in poetry, fiction, non-fiction and hybrid forms of writing and text art. work in translation is welcome. there are no guidelines in terms of length, style or formatting. 

work with any theme, focus, concern is invited but we are particularly interested for issue seven in work that considers difference in the present moment, the different, différance, divergence, outlying, outsideness, the maverick, variation, le différend 1, change, being made to feel different, similitude, deferral, marginality, oppositional discourse, strangeness, remaking different,"boundary crossing visions"2  etc ... 

"The time has come for critics and artists of the new cultural politics of difference to cast their nets widely, flex their muscles broadly, and thereby refuse to limit their visions, analyses, and praxis to their particular terrains. The aim is to dare to recast, redefine, and revise the very notions of

"modernity," "mainstream," "margins," "difference," "otherness." We have now reached a new stage in the perennial struggle for freedom and dignity. And while much of the First World intelligentsia adopts retrospective and conservative outlooks that defend the crisis-ridden present, we promote a

prospective and prophetic vision with a sense of possibility and potential, especially for those who bear the social costs of the present. We look to the past for strength, not solace; we look at the present and see people perishing, not profits mounting; we look toward the future and vow to make

it different and better."  - Cornel West, The New Cultural Politics of Difference (1990) 


1 Jean-Francois Lyotard, Le Différend, 1988

2 Gloria E Anzaldúa, 'The New Mestiza Nation: A Multicultural Movement', 1987

please email submissions to

submissions of manuscripts for print based pamphlets, objects, books, and other printed material are also invited for a new series of print based work. as with the magazine, submissions are invited in any form and there are no guidelines about form, size, length, style etc. email same email as above, just make it clear it's for a print based work.