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Doffs a glove

for serous work, open

bursts a gape-


leased broadside note,                                                       

late aspic technique to

etch stuck etic


on walls set in grain,

granules, etc. this brocade

rigorous down you


object to speak

covets mute liner that

gels climbing garrison


now thigh flow-

ering run, a cove

unsutured, seams in air 


also this breadth of line

rivers you, discovers

cast-off part-


clamour to emboss and

outlier continue in transfer







run-through     the affected space

with tissue that baulks


disavows      knitting       

the act of graining seams or


texture         against surface

pinhole beams scorched flat


remove headgear            unscolding

works to foster the wound bed


by larval therapy    or tight deepening         

forceps to excise blunting sediment 


red ridges     catch together

your eye quickens 


mine           is open       

promise of speech  settling rose

Tom Betteridge

Tom Betteridge lives in London. His pamphlet, Pedicure (2017), is available from sine wave peak and he has a new pamphlet, Body Work, forthcoming from Sad Press (2018). His poems and essays have appeared in journals and magazines including Textual Practice, Blackbox Manifold, Datableed, Hix Eros, Intercapillary Space, Jungftak, The Literateur and Zarf, and in From London Out: An Anthology of Contemporary English Poetry (2017), edited by Luke Roberts.

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